Zagorohoria Activities

Zagoria Hiking Village to Village - Trekking In Greece

7 Days Hiking to Zagorochoria Epirus

7 days hiking from one village to other and see the beauty 7 of 46 villages of Zagorochoria. 

Zagoria Smooth Hiking Exploration - Trekking In Greece

5 Days Hiking at Zagorochoria

5 days easy hiking special for families with small children and oldest people.

Zagori Hiking Experiences - Trekking In Greece

3 Days Hiking at Zagorochoria

  Starting from 1 May

Live a multi hiking experience at one of the most famous destination of all over the Greece 

Zagoria Hiking Highlights - Trekking In Greece

4 Days at Zagorochoria Greece

4 Days Hiking throught the hightlights of Zagorochoria 

Hike Throught Zagoria Villages

Hike the old stone bridges & villages

Daily Trekking Throught Zagoria Villages 

Vikos Gorge Crossing

World’s deepest canyon!

Daily Hiking at Vikos gorge that is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. 


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