Daily Activities

Full Moon Rafting Aliakmonas

Night Rafting Special Event

  Starting from 8 Jul

Rafting the rapids of Aliakmonas river is a special experience for both fun-loving adventurers, as well as for families with children .

Canyoning Kleftis (Thief)

Daily Activity near Orliakas Mountain

Daily amazing canyoning near Grevena 

Trekking in Lousios Gorge

Daily Peloponesse Hiking

Mt. Olympus Hiking Meet The Gods - Trekking in Greece

Trekking on Mt.Olympus Enipeas Gorge

  Starting from 5 May

Daily walk for few hours on the home of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. Explore some of the most beautiful part of Olympus

Canyoning Tsoutsouros

Daily Activity at Crete

One of the most beautiful canyons in Greece

Night Hike to Orliakas Mountain

Night Trekking under the light or persid

Hike with us to mount Orliakas, the one with the less light pollution to north Greece (according to NASA) and have the opportunity to observe the rain of Aquariids/Perseides.

Rafting in Venetikos B'

Daily Rafting in Venetikos River

Discover the beauty of nature

Rafting In Venetikos A'

Daily Rafting Activity

Daily Rafting in the longest tributary of Aliakmonas

Canoe at Delta of Penius

Canoe - Archery - Bird Watching

Daily multiactivity near Mt. Olympus

Canyoning Gorge Calypso

Daily activity near Mt. Olympus

Canyoning at the gorge of Calypso Near Mt. Olympus 

Path of Alexander the Great

Trekking Near Mt. Olympus

Daily activity hiking on the way that Alexander the Great choose to move his army going to Thessaly Greece 

Aegean Escape

Sea Boat adventure

Daily activity by boat visiting the Caves of Venetos and the village of Damouxari ( Mama Mia filming) 

Trekking Melivoia

Daily multi activity

Daily Multi-Activity near home of the Olympus Gods 

Rafting in the Valley of Tempe

Daily Rafting With Archery

Daily Rafting with Archery near Mt. Olympus

Canyoning Portitsa

Daily Activity at Portitsa Grevena

Daily Canyoning at Portitsa