Greek Adventure project ; Sea Kayaking & Hiking Weekend in the Mani
Chrisa Lepida
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Greek Adventure project ; Sea Kayaking & Hiking Weekend in the Mani






Chrisa Lepida

After having explored the Olympus mountain, it's time to go a bit southern and explore the hidden beauties of Mani!


Welcome to Mani!

A land of tower houses, castles, ancient sites, Byzantine chapels, beautiful beaches and spectacular caves in the Peloponnese!


Our partner, as mentioned, is here one more time to suggest an unforgettable Sea kayak & hiking weekend in Mani, one of the most pristine areas of Greece.



Mani is the place where the splendor of the mountainous nature is harmoniously combined with the allure of the sea. Make sure you enjoy it while visiting Greece; indulge into a warm water sea kayaking experience, discover the beautiful coves and its mysterious caves and prepare to get thrilled by all the hidden in the rocky coastline of a unique Mediterranean landscape, beauty. Hike on the cobbled paths connecting small and picturesque villages around the main city and spend the nights at a nice seaside family-run hotel in the picturesque village of Kardamyli, while enjoying the greek hospitality!

What you, the visitor, see today is only what they consider permissible. But you’ll be overwhelmed with images of authentic Greece, because here in this corner of the Peloponnese, at the second-most southerly tip of continental Europe, believe me everything is dramatic and bewitching.


Sea Kayaking in Mani



Upon your arrival, prefer a flight that lands straight to Kalamata and settle yourself into a local cozy hotel till you get some rest! Later on, if you’re a lover of the extreme sports, do not miss on paddling at the foot of the imposing mount Taygetos, where you can actually discover the wild beauty of the region. Sea Kayaks give you the opportunity to explore inch by inch the rich diversity and beauty of the indented coastline of Mani.

Through turquoise waters, discover the idyllic beaches sprouted between the sea side fishing villages. Explore each little cove, the secret caves, the cliffs with their spectacular formations & the unique sandy or pebble beaches. Halfway, it is suggested you had a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and a light lunch comprised by local, of course Greek, traditional delicacies.





Hiking Mani

Of course, Mani offers a variety of hiking options that will impress the mountain aficionados too! Start from the fortified tower houses of the old Kardamyli town. Follow the path that once was part of the ancient so called ‘’royal road’’ connecting Kardamyli with Sparta. Along the way, visit some of the traditional, beautiful little villages of the region and walk through their narrow streets.





Enjoy a breathtaking route, immersed in olive trees, pines and cypress trees. A burst of colors and fragrances of flowers and herbs will overwhelm you and bring you even closer to the natural environment.


Excited yet? The land of the prickly pear bristles with forbidding tower houses, stone villages, Byzantine chapels, delightful coves and astonishing caves, Mani, is awaiting to be discovered!



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