Explore Kythnos Island

5-Day Hiking Tour in Kythnos

Hop on a ferry and explore the unspoiled beauty of Kythnos, the closest Western Cycladic island to Athens. Under the guidance of local experts, walk through picturesque villages, taste unique local delicacies and hike through historical unparalleled trails.

Mt. Olympus Hiking Meet The Gods - Trekking in Greece

Trekking on Mt.Olympus Enipeas Gorge

Daily walk for few hours on the home of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. Explore some of the most beautiful part of Olympus

Sea Kayak - Myrsini Trip Halkidiki

Daily Sea Kayak Experience in Halkidiki Greece

Swim and relax at the turquoise waters of magnificent Diaporos island Halkidiki. Surrounded by a natural mainly pine forest, right across Vourvourou village in Sithonia peninsula. Highlights to Mirsini beach, known as the Greek Hawaii cause of the water color that is a gentle blue, with white sand, small bays, beautiful and rounded rocks! Its beauty is beyond all expectations.

Let our experienced guides show you the wonders of Vourvourou and Diaporos island.



Explore Ancient Greece

Cultural Tour to Archaeological Rock and Museum of Acropolis

Daily Activitiy in Athens

Trek Local Living
Sailing & Archaeology Adventure on the Greek islands

8 day sailing adventure

8 day sailing adventure

Canoe at Delta of Penius

Canoe - Archery - Bird Watching

Daily multiactivity near Mt. Olympus

Hike Throught Zagoria Villages

Hike the old stone bridges & villages

Daily Trekking Throught Zagoria Villages 

Athens Segway Tour

Sightseeing - Advertising - Corporate Events

Discover Ancient Athens’ history in a unique tour around the sacred Acropolis Rock

Bike through Pindos mountains

7 - Days Bike Tour to Evritania - Plastira Lake - Pertouli - Meteora

Bike arround West Greece !! 

Vikos Gorge Crossing

World’s deepest canyon!

Daily Hiking at Vikos gorge that is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. 


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