Rafting Ιn Milepotamos River

Daily Hard Rafting in Milepotamos River

4th to 5th degree of Rafting scale daily activity  

River Trekking Neda

Amazing Daily Trek in Neda

Amazing Daily Trek in Neda

Sea Kayaking & Rafting Weekend in the Peloponnese

3 - Day Boating

Sea kayaking along the coast of Messinia and Rafting in the heart of Peloponnese

Sea Kayak - Blue Lagoon Trip

Amazing Sea Kayak in Halkidiki Greece

Paddle around magnificent Diaporos island surrounded by a natural mainly pine forest, right across Vourvourou village in Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki. The famous Blue Lagoon beach with long shoal, white sand, surreal bright blue and clear water is waiting for you!

Let our experienced guides show you the wonders of Vourvourou and Diaporos island.

Water bike at Plastira Lake

Plastira Lake all year season are magical

The water bike is a tool that allows the visitor to enjoy the beayties of the lake even with snow.

Zagoria Hiking Highlights - Trekking In Greece

4 Days at Zagorochoria Greece

4 Days Hiking throught the hightlights of Zagorochoria 

Mt. Olympus Hiking Adventure - Trekking in Greece

Mountain Olympus Hiking for 3 Days

Travel to Greece and explore Mt. Olympus by hiking at one of the most beautifull and historically richest areas in Greece. Our tour guides will be happy to show you all the secrets.

Mountain bike around Plastira lake

Bike to the mythological place of Thessaly

Browse through forest roads, meadows and beech forests or path in a specially designed bicycle path on the banks of the lake. Small differences in height, spacious and very beautiful route through the green.

Sailing Escape

2 - Day Sailing (from Athens)

Sea Kayak - Ancient Sunken City Tour

Full Day sea kayak experience

Full Day Sea-Kayak experience near Athens 


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