Greek Adventure Rafting In Aliakmonas
Greek Adventure Rafting In Aliakmonas
Chrisa Lepida
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Greek Adventure Rafting In Aliakmonas





Water rafting brings all the fun of the water together with the sense of adventure; being at the mercy of the waves and wondering what’s around the next bend is more than an exhilarating feeling! Whether as a family outing or an extreme sport excursion, water rafting offers everyone an opportunity to get out, get wet and most importantly have fun.


On the top of Polyfytos’ lake, and between the village of Neraida and the city Servia an astonishing bridge can be found which is actually said to be the second biggest bridge on Balkans.


Rafting in Aliakmonas

Rafting on Aliakmonas is a special experience you shouldn't miss if you are around Meteora, Kalambaka or Grevena. A suitable experience for both adventurers and family who are looking for a day of fun in nature.


The river’s root is suitable for rafting throughout the year. The longest in length river of Greece is ready to host rafting groups in a few of his hundred’s of kilometres. Geologically the area is similar to the one of Meteora (rocks composed of psammite, sandstone) and the views offered while rafting are incredibly impressive.



The experience is offered year round, so you can enjoy it during winter, autumn, spring andsummer. The route allows us to enjoy the beautiful landscape with the rich vegetation and theMeteora rocks and admire some rare birds of the area, such as the black stork and herons,cormorants and many ducks that possibly could accompany us until the end of the route.
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A detailed perspective & description of our trip to Aliakmonas, can be found on our partner’s blog
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