Travel number 100 to Mt. Olympus for Theodoros!!
Travel number 100 to Mt. Olympus for Theodoros!!
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Travel number 100 to Mt. Olympus for Theodoros!!

Theodoros arrived from number 100 trip in the pick of mt. Olympus!

Seems amazing that our guide/operation department Theodoros makes his 100 trips to the highest mountain pick of Greece. So, we ask him to share to us his experience and all the feeling how is to be a mountain guide.  






Hello Teo how are you?

Very well, thanks


Tell us few things about yourself.

Hi, I am Theodoros with a 10-year working experience as adventure guide all over the country. I've started as a rafting guide since I had always been fond of nature and specifically the mountains. I've been trained by the Greek Federation in climbing and after that with the Austrian Rescue Team. Since 2015, I've been working as a manager in hiking trips for Greek Adventure. I love to climb Mount Olympus (the highest mountain in Greece) and also to provide my services for activities throughout Greece (hiking, biking, rafting and Jeep Tours). I've worked within the areas of Thessaloniki, Zagoria, Pindos, Karpenisi, Meteora and many more as our guest’s request.

You just complete number 100 trip in mt. Olympus tell us how do you feel about that?

Mountains are best approached with humility, confidence, caution, respect, and cooperation. When the mountain won't let you climb it due to weather, rockfall, or your own mishaps, you turn around. Safety first! There are many feelings at the top of a mountain ranging from fear to exhilaration but always is very special. Personally, I feel great and I wish to have the opportunity to be there for even 1000 times or more … You never know …


Give us some tips for those that loved to travel

In my opinion if you are travel lover you have to :

  1. Make Travel a Priority

  2. Spend More Time in Fewer Places

  3. Don’t Expect Things to Be Like They Are at Home

  4. Travel Does Not Have to Stop Once You Have Kids

  5. Be Flexible

What is the funniest thing what you remember from your trips?

Every trip is different! Even if you have been there for many times the only that it the same is the sky (if it is not raining). I meet a lot of different personalities in my guide carrier but all of them have a big addiction to technology including me (laught). The funniest thing for me is every time that people ask me for Wi-Fi connection in the middle of nowhere!! Ok keep calm its 2-4 days without posting on social media 😊      

But I trully enjoy when all of them smile with my face expression in their question.  


And one last critical question. Working in office or guiding?

Definitely guiding!   


Thanks you Teo everyone in Greek Adventure wish you to make your dream reality and to travel more than 1000 times in the pick of Mt. Olympus ! 


If you wish to see available hiking tours in Mt. Olympus and join Teo click here 
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