Mountain Bike Difficulty Analysis

International Scale of Mountain Bike Difficulty



Class 0-1:

Fairly flat, wide, smooth track or gravel road.


Class 2-3:

Mostly  flat with some gentle climbs on smooth track with easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes.


Class 4-5:

Steep slopes and/or avoidable obstacles possibly on narrow track and/or with poor traction. There may be exposure at the track’s outside edge.


Class 6-7:

A mixture of long, steep climbs, narrow track, poor traction and obstacles that are difficult to avoid or jump over. Generally exposed at the track’s outside edge. Most riders will find some sections easier to walk.


Class 8-9:

Technically challenging. Giant climbs, narrow track and numerous hazards including dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners and difficult obstacles. Expect walking and possibly bike carrying.


Class 10:

Downhill/free ride specific tracks. Extremely steep sections with large drop-offs and other unavoidable obstacles. May include manmade structures and jumps.

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