Greek Adventure Trip Report - Mt. Olympus + Meteora
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Greek Adventure Trip Report - Mt. Olympus + Meteora

Meet Andrew and Oxana

Andrew and Oxana is an active couple from Russia that chose Greek Adventure to make their trip to Greece. From their very first communication, they expressed very much their desire to visit and in fact to walk on their four-day scheduled vacations places of great historical importance to Greece.

Our suggestions, of course, could not be more than a two-day hike in the mountain of the 12 gods of Olympus, along with a one-day hike among the sacred monasteries of Meteora, program that fits to their needs.

Their decision was almost instantaneous since they saw the program as excellent and said it would really be a unique experience to see these two parts closely.

So it happened!

On the afternoon of July 21, they arrived at the airport of Thessaloniki, where our companion was waiting for them in a really warm day. Slightly exhausted from their trip but with their obvious anxiety as they were the first time in Greece, they boarded to the car that will go to Litochoro for their night accomodation.

Day 1

The early morning hours showed it would be an amazing day where both weather and temperature would be ideal for walking. The couple, with experienced guide of Greek Adventure Thomas was transferred to the Prionia, where at an altitude of 1,100 meters they would start their activity. Everything was ready and after the necessary information the hiking started.


Day 2

On a beautiful morning day in the peaks of Mount Olympus, Andrew and Oxana, obviously enchanted by their mountain tour, were preparing for the second day of their activity. The current program was demanding and the levels of difficulty apparently greater, which was mention by guide Thomas. The weather and the couple's physical condition allowed them to follow the primary choice of the program and climb to Skala at an altitude of up to 2,882 meters towards the highest peak Mytikas at 2,917 meters. After 4.5 hours of traversing the spectacular cliff, we headed to the throne of Zeus. Our couple was really excited about the spot and, as they themselves said, any picture cannot be compared to the beauty of the landscape. After taking a short break we went to Petrostroyga refuge to take our lunch until our final destination in Gortsia.


Day 3

Next and finally day of Andrew and Oxana in Greece requires to moving from Litochoro to Meteora that experienced guide of Greek Adventure Thodoris waiting for them.  Their appointment for 3rd hiking activity takes place at Kastraki a small village near Kalampaka. In a warm day but with great enthusiasm of the couple because us they told us you don’t see every day those kinds of rocks especially when you know that it is dated that they were formed about 60 million years ago during the Paleogene Period .  During the hike Andrew and Oxana have the opportunity to watch 2 of 6 active monasteries and take all information about them.

After 4 hours of activity around Meteora the couple moves to hotel to rest from this hard day. Pleasure and happiness is only words according to Andrew and Oxana that they renewed their appointment to Greek Adventure for next year making experiences in a different side of Greece.        

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